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My writing portfolio

  Hello!  I write about how  technology, people, and organization  can support a business in the long run. Mostly 3–8 minute reads. I’ve been in IT for more than 16 years in various roles and companies, so this is just a small part of the journey. If you want to share your thoughts or connect, be free to reach out on  LinkedIn . Index Technical vision and strategy Leadership Planning Innovation .    .    . (If you use the links below, you don't have to sign in to Medium.) 1. Technical vision and strategy The Business-Technology Fit  (6 min read) Pragmatism, Trends, and Vision in IT  (7 min read) The Puzzle of Development Teamwork  (6 min read) 2. Leadership Trust Ownership, Autonomy, and Accountability What Is Seniority in Engineering  (3 min read) Why Is Retrospective Difficult and How to Learn From the Past  (2 min read) 3. Planning Prioritization and Perfectionism  (5 min read) How to spread and save the company’s technical knowledge in the age of remote work  (8 min read) Total